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The Global Dressage Forum (GDF) will start a new formula in 2018. It will be an internal seminar for stakeholders, clubs, organisations and committed individuals in the dressage world during CHIO Aachen. FEI and CHIO Aachen are supporting the organisation. Participants will be invited by the Global Dressage Foundation. The theme of the GDF will be: ‘improving the communication between the stakeholders in dressage with the goal to improve and promote dressage together in a better way’.

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RESUME stakeholder meeting of the Global Dressage Foundation

Aachen, 20th July 2018GDF AKEN18M1425
For privacy rules not all names of persons are mentioned in this resumee. Full minutes including all names are send to the stakeholders.

The President of the Global Dressage Foundation, Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark, welcomed everyone and said that the goal of the Foundation is to improve communication between stakeholders in dressage.Richard Davison (RD), the moderator of this meeting, says that we have to compete with other sports, so we have to see how other sports are developing. Therefore, the GDF has invited Mr. Will Pitt (WP) of the company Imagen, to tell about their activities in developing communication platforms in football, tennis, curling etc. 


WP shows facts and figures about the development of communication in sports. The demand for video content has exploded. The market is moving to digital platforms. Viewers also want more, directly available, background information. He mentions some examples, based on his experiences yesterday when he saw his first ever dressage competition. The inside world was focused on the results, as an outsider he was especially interested in the background story of the winner, who bred her horse herself and raised it from foal to GD horse. Also the story of the rider who was disqualified as his horse seemed to be lame, seemed to be interesting. It is of main importance to have such information immediately available on a digital platform.
The key word is transparency.  

Video content and back ground information on digital platforms are increasingly influencing the growing interest in a sport. Also the IOC is looking from a different angle to sports, digital coverage is increasingly important. WP explains 5 steps to improve interest in a sport:
1. Control and distribution of content
2. Building excitement round events using social media
3. Engage new audience and incrase profile with social media video
4. Provide live streaming, near live and catch up
5. Keep fans engaged with archive content via all channels

A rider said that it would be good if people would know how well our horses are treated and protected. WP says that transparency is the key, you should explain what happens after the disqualification, how a horse is examined and returns well to its stable. It is very interesting for the viewers and you can avoid bad stories and criticism. You always have to take the opportunity to tell your own story!A judge said it would be could if the judges could give direct explanation on this kind of incidents through the commentator in the stadium. A rider asked how to act? Do we have to push the FEI or can we act ourselves to realise more transparency?A rider said: we have to improve our digital platform ourselves, do not count to much on FEI, FEI tv is a bad example. Maybe we should talk to Clip my horse. A judge said: maybe we should change the title ‘dressage’ to a more popular title, for instance ‘dancing horses’. RDavison: closing the first part of the meeting, says that it is now to the GDF to see how we can take steps, based on the ideas as discussed during this meeting. JBartels, boardmember of the GDF, says the board of the GDF will have  a meeting this afternoon and will certainly discuss possible actions.


Frank Kemperman, chairman of the dressage committee of  
the FEI, explains new rules and proposals. GDF AKEN18M1602
If changes are proposed, this has to be ralised on short term, as the proposals are soon published and the FEI GA will decide this autumn.
- riders to vote for candidates from IDRC for Dressage Committee
- new rule for World rankings: maternity/medical leave permitted
- revision of saddlery and snafles allowed in Youth classes
- dressage rule 435: detailed explanation added to outline how marks are calculated
- dressage rule 438: threshold for change from 6% to 5%
- education work group is working on a definite outline for education system
- new Olympic format and competing in groups is explained
- projects are discussed: shorter GP test, more attractive GPS,
new format Nations Cup, promoting youth


A request is formulated to keep one Nations Cup format and not back to back events every week. A rider proposes to have 3 short GP’s and vary per event. RDavison: there will be a new test event in Olympia, riders to decide how to ride the GP, as is the case in the kür. A trainer would like to have medium canter and flying change back in a test. A trainer said that different short GP’s would be excellent for the horse’s mind. The President says GDF AKEN18M1631that there was an experiment some years ago to combine GP riders and Youth riders in a Nations Cup (‘Castle Classics’). FKemperman Says that discussions are going on to combine seniors and young riders in one team. A trainer asks why a finale of a World Championship starts at 8.30 in the morning. Who decided? A trainer asked if we can organise this meeting every year in Aachen. JBartels says that this will be discussed in the board and with CHIO Aachen. Everyone seems to be positive.

Presentation of David Hunt, President of the IDTC 
The focus on promotion of the sport is great, but IDTC would like to   mention judging and welfare. Judging will have the new code of points from this autumn. This is a very important positive
development. We should not  ignore the discussions GDF AKEN18M1658and remarks on welfare. Sometimes those remarks are legitimate. Tight nosebands are on top of the agenda.

Presentation Kyra Kyrklund, President of the IDRC 
How do we, as riders, trainers and judges, get more respect for the judging system? The code of points is essential, as well as a system for education and examination including promotion en demotion. What about proper payment for judges? As stakeholders we should combine actions, and discuss developments and direction of dressage. This meeting could be a good start.

Presentation Katrina Wuest and Hans Cristian Matthiesen, judges
Reasons for dissatisfaction among riders with judges are mentioned: differences in ranking, differences in marks, GDF AKEN18M1711differences in %, comparison with other competitors. Problems in judging are: movements look different from different positions, biases in judging, not all judges meet the same standards, not all riders share the same level of consciousness. An inventarisation of possible biases in judging is presented. The difficulties in communication between riders and judges is analysed, and possibilities to find solutions are given, such as more discussions between riders and judges to exchange opinions, kiss and cry corner, obligation for judges to explain marks etc. suggestions for ideas are asked for.

Reactions: GDF AKEN18M1713
A rider asks why a rider representative is no longer invited for the judges seminar. She was there last year and thinks this was very valuable. FKemperman promises to reconsider. A trainer would like to have a system to give penalties to judges who are out of line too many times. A rider wants to have a supervisory panel at Youth championships. Itr is asked why there is no SP in Aachen. It is said that costs were too high, but most SP members are here anyway, so it could easily be realised. SP is the best way to improve and educate judges.

 The meeting is closed by concluding that a majority would like to have this stakeholder meeting again next year. 

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