Global Dressage forum


The Global Dressage Forum (GDF) will start a new formula in 2018. It will be an internal seminar for stakeholders, clubs, organisations and committed individuals in the dressage world during CHIO Aachen. FEI and CHIO Aachen are supporting the organisation. Participants will be invited by the Global Dressage Foundation. The theme of the GDF will be: ‘improving the communication between the stakeholders in dressage with the goal to improve and promote dressage together in a better way’.

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The Global Dressage Forum is the leading public debating platform in the world of international dressage and is going to be held in Germany for the very first time. The world’s top riders’ and trainers’ techniques are scrutinised and examined in both practical and theoretical sessions. Current political proposals, which have an impact on dressage sport, are aired, and the latest developments in horse management and sports science are also presented. Check out further information and save your tickets!