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The Global Dressage Forum (GDF) will start a new formula in 2018. It will be an internal seminar for stakeholders, clubs, organisations and committed individuals in the dressage world during CHIO Aachen. FEI and CHIO Aachen are supporting the organisation. Participants will be invited by the Global Dressage Foundation. The theme of the GDF will be: ‘improving the communication between the stakeholders in dressage with the goal to improve and promote dressage together in a better way’.

More information coming soon!

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Dressage Director Trond Asmyr leaves FEI for health reasons

The Norwegian-born Dressage specialist has been on long-term sick leave since August 2015

Trond Asmyr joined the FEI as Dressage and Para-Equestrian Dressage Director in June 2009 after more than 15 years as an international Dressage judge and 30 years judging on the national circuit in Norway. He was Vice President of the Norwegian Equestrian Federation and was on the Board of Directors of the National Federation for more than a decade.

Since 2009 Trond Asmyr joined the Program Committee of the Global Dressage Forum as representative of the FEI, partner of the Global Dressage Forum. We regret that Trond’s health issues have resulted in him having to leave the FEI. We are very thankful for his contribution to the Global Dressage Forum in all those years.