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Latest news

October 29, 2015

Several highlights at 15th Global Dressage Forum

At the 15th anniversary of the Global Dressage Forum at Academy Bartels in Hooge Mierde the stories of seven the greatest dressage horses ever were presented. They highlighted the program, including a riding demonstration of legend George Morris and Uta Gräf…


The Global Dressage Foundation has the pleasure of inviting you to the Global Dressage Forum 2016.

Since the first Forum in 2001 this annual event has become the leading platform for international dressage. Top trainers, riders, officials and dressage enthusiasts from all over the world meet in Hooge Mierde, The Netherlands for both theoretical and practical demonstrations. The 16th edition will be hosted by Team Kasselmann in Germany.

Welcome to the Global Dressage Forum in October 2016!

HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark
President Global Dressage Foundation